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Amazing Discovery: Revenue as Percent of GDP – Forty Year Average

Prepare Rev of Percent GDP

One of the most helpful lessons I learned in my research was understanding the historical relationship between GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and federal revenues as a percent-age of GDP. For example, in 2008, federal revenues were $2.5 trillion and GDP was $14.2 trillion; therefore, revenue was 17.61 percent of GDP ($2.5 trillion ÷ $14.2 trillion = 17.61 percent).

Over the past forty years, the amount of federal revenue as a percentage of GDP falls within a narrow band between 14.9 percent and 20.6 percent. The forty-year average is 17.79 percent.

Note the forty-year average of 17.79 percent is during years of high and low individual and corporate tax rates.

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