Seven Things to Remember

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My Summary Notes for Radio Interview… 7 things to remember

I don’t know what the financial news is going to be several days after I write this article, but the last three days have been headline news.

Dow Jones Down 358, Down 531, Down 588.

This morning (August 24, 2015) I received a phone call from a radio station asking me to be a guest on their program to discuss the current economic news. Below you will find a summary of what I communicated:

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New Helpful Links Page

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New website page: Quick-links to helpful data. National debt numbers as of yesterday, amount paid in interest for national debt each month/year, average interest rate on national debt, U.S. budget allocations, history of GDP, monetary base chart, how much we owe foreign nations, SS worker to beneficiaries ratio history, food stamp numbers, who pays taxes, helpful articles, video, plus much more…

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Billions of Lives Will Be Impacted

Large crowd of people watching concert or sport eventIf Congress fails to take corrective action, more than 300 million American lives will be impacted.  In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that billions of lives are will be affected (around the world) if the financial crisis in the United States reaches the tipping point.

Why? Because the economies of most nations are directly or indirectly tied to the U.S. economy. As America goes economically, so goes the world.