4 thoughts on “Ask Ethan

  1. Bob B says:

    Do you believe this would be a good time to purchase a home for an investment? Also, at this time do you recommend any investments in stocks or bonds?

    Thanks in advance,



    • Ethan Pope says:

      Hi Bob,
      I assume you are talking about purchasing a rental property as an investment. In most cases rental properties can be a good investment. But, you must purchase at the right price in order to make it work. You will need to make sure it will have a positive cash flow. Income (-) loan payment, taxes, insurance, repairs, vacancy, etc = cash flow (+ or -). I like tangible assets (like rental properties) that I can control (set rent amount, work hard to fill a vacancy, decide on what needs to be repaired, paint color) vs assets that I cannot control. For example, stock ownership in ABC company. When the economic storm comes ashore, I what to have assets that are “hands on.” Nothing wrong with having funds in stocks and bonds, but I prefer assets I control. Let me refer you to pages 95-119 in my book PREPARE for more details. And the chart on page 118. Hope this helps.


  2. Bob B says:

    Some time ago I tried to sign up for your commentary on the financial situation, but it would not go thru. Last year I bought some American Silver Eagles thru your advice. Do you think it is a good time to buy silver or gold at this time? Also what percentage of savings what you advise to spend on coins? Should coins be bought thru an IRA, a foreign bank, or should they be stored at home? Thanks in Advance,



    • Ethan Pope says:

      Always good to hear from you. I appreciate your question. I am sorry you had complications signing up for our updates. I will check into that issue. About 12 months ago silver was just under $18.00 oz. Today, it is just about $15.25 oz. In the last 12 months silver has been as low as $13.70 oz. In response to your questions about silver or gold. I have always liked silver (vs gold). I give my reasons on page 105 in my book PREPARE. Most individuals buying silver coins like to take possession vs letting a custodian (gold/silver company, money manager, foreign bank) retain possession. I do not store my silver coins at my house. However, some people do. Take another look at PREPARE chapter 13, pages 95-119 for my thoughts on reallocating resources. It would not be wise on my part to give you specific advice on what % of your portfolio should be invested in silver. I do not know your financial situation, age, goals, needs and risk tolerance. Always keep your portfolio well diversified (chapter 13). Do not view silver as a traditional “investment”. Don’t watch the price go up and down and calculate how much you have gained or loss this day, month, or year. You are buying silver for another purpose – when the economic storm comes ashore. I am not concerned with how much silver gains or loses this year. Let me encourage you to put together a small group of friends in your church or city and study PREPARE together. I have a free – 4 week study I can send you in a PDF file. It is great to discuss this issue with others. And continue to pray and ask God for wisdom. (James 1:5-6) Prepare now. Ethan


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