PREPARE Introduction

Below you will find the introduction to PREPARE.

“The mother of all economic storms is headed our way, yet most Americans seem oblivious to the danger. Despite the gathering thunderclouds of annual federal budget deficits and a rapidly escalating national debt, most people are simply ignoring the news and information concerning the coming economic crisis.

There’s really nothing complicated about it. You only need one chart to illustrate our nation’s unsustainable course.

Prepare Only One Chart

Clearly, we are living on a “debt bubble” that is rapidly expanding. And we know that all bubbles eventually burst. There should be no surprise this time.

Unfortunately, this issue has become politicized in our society, and the partisan divide between liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans grows wider every day. But one of my hopes in this book is to remove all the politics and simply look at the economics of the situation.

We are approaching the point of no return when it will become mathematically impossible for our nation to correct the problem—and, quite frankly, all the speeches, sound bites, and political spin-doctoring are not helping matters one bit. Unless we change course soon, we will be brought to our knees economically, militarily, socially, and spiritually. A new world order is on the horizon.

Some people believe that our nation is already past the point of no return, and they have decided to spend their time and money helping other people prepare for the approaching upheaval. Others are working diligently on a political solution. And a few are praying for a miracle. I respect and applaud all three objectives. But no matter what your beliefs, your political affiliation, or your strategies, you need to prepare now for the consequences ahead.

You must understand that the issues of our national debt and runaway deficits are no longer just about your kids and grandkids. It’s now about you and me, as well. It doesn’t matter if you are twenty, forty, sixty, or eighty years old. The timeline has shifted and we all need to take action.

History proves that runaway debt undermines the health and strength of a nation. Need an example? Here are two: ancient Rome and modern-day Greece.
What caused the demise of the Roman Empire? Three things:

• poor fiscal policy
• pride
• moral decay

In other words, they self-destructed. America appears to be drawing from Rome’s playbook. We are on the exact same path.

But we have something the Romans didn’t have—almost four hundred years of Christian heritage and faith in a God who is able to redeem and restore even the most hopeless-seeming circumstances. As we’ll see, that’s not something to be taken for granted.

What about the modern-day crisis in Greece? If you study the data, you will see four primary problems: (1) unrestrained government spending; (2) a growing national debt; (3) a downgraded credit rating, leading to rising interest rates; (4) resulting in an inability to service their debt.

In 2010, when I published America’s Financial Demise, the feedback I received from readers fell into four categories that have influenced my writing of PREPARE:

• Some people said there was too much data; that it was overwhelming and depressing, and that my tone was too harsh.

• Others said I hadn’t done enough to develop a biblical perspective on the threats facing our nation. They wanted to know more about how a Christian worldview intersects with the issues of our day.

• Related to that feedback was a desire expressed by some to see more about opportunities for ministry, despite—or perhaps because of—our dire circumstances. They wanted to see more hope, as befits a people whose faith is in God.

• And people wanted to know more about how to prepare—how to protect their assets and how to be ready to help others in times of need.

I have done my best to address these concerns in the pages that follow, and I invite you to not only read, but also apply, the principles and strategies you’ll find in the nineteen chapters of this book.

Before you turn the page and begin chapter 1, I have a few important things I want you to know and understand about this book:

• First of all, it’s important to understand that both political parties are responsible for decades of fiscal policy decisions that have put our nation on an unsustainable course. You will not get any political spin from me. There’s plenty of blame to go around, and we’re all in this together.

• That said, we must tone down the rhetoric and eradicate the political bias if we hope to have any chance of solving the problem. Since when did being rude, yelling, and belittling people ever accomplish anything—except to create hard feelings between people? We need to bring civility back into the public square. It’s interesting to note that the first word Webster’s New World Dictionary uses to define civility is “politeness.” So, let’s work to put the polite back into politics.

• Our economic problems are symptoms of our spiritual problems as a nation. PREPARE is written from a biblical worldview.

• The Bible is our source for how to understand and approach events such as life and death; prosperity and poverty; economic expansion and recession, and even the rise and fall of nations.

• God has not promised perpetual prosperity to any person or nation. This includes the United States of America, contrary to what some people may believe.

• God is powerful enough to change the economic course of our nation if He chooses to answer the prayers of those asking for a miracle.

• We do not know whether God’s plan for America includes continued economic prosperity, judgment, or perhaps another spiritual awakening. But I think we’re about to find out.

• We need to have a sense of urgency to put our financial house in order (families, businesses, churches, the federal government).

• On the horizon, a global economic storm is gathering that will affect billions of people both spiritually and financially.

• When the economic storm comes ashore, we will have the greatest opportunity for ministry in the history of our nation. But will we be ready? Will our churches be ready? Will our ministries be ready?

• When the economic storm comes ashore, I believe we will also have the greatest opportunity for the creation of wealth in the history of our nation.

• We should view any peaceful economic years ahead as a gift of God’s mercy, allowing us more time to prepare spiritually and financially. But it would be foolish to assume we still have plenty of time to get ready. We must begin to prepare now for the coming crisis.

• We must be like “the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do” (1 Chronicles 12:32).

• Our first priority is to prepare spiritually.

• Our second priority is to prepare financially.

• PREPARE is more about individual and community preparation than it is about trying to solve all the problems with the federal government, the president, and Congress.

• Once you have put your own house and life in order, you can expand the circle to influence your friends, your city, your state, your nation, and your world. Become a part of the solution and help others prepare.

• “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17). Let the sharpening begin!

• “The wise see danger ahead and prepare; a fool ignores the facts and suffers the consequences” (Proverbs 27:12).

We are facing the most predictable economic crisis in the history of our nation. Why wouldn’t you prepare?

Prepare now.”

To learn more – order your copy of PREPARE today.

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